17 Nov 09

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Players who prefer the game of Omaha often discover they are pulled to the largely well-known game of Omaha hi low. For players who are comfortable with hi-low poker varieties, Omaha hi/lo will prove to be a snap to understand. The general regulations of the variation follow the game of Omaha and if you are familiar with Seven Card Stud hi lo, the hi-low style of Omaha is close to the Stud game variant.

Just like Omaha and Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo is a community card game which indicates that there are 5 community cards used to help all players create the greatest possible poker hand. The game begins with the putting of both the big and tiny blinds. The dealer then deals every player four "hole" cards with the faces hidden. Wagering round number 1 starts clockwise from the large blind. After the 1st round of betting takes place, the dealer deals 3 cards on the flop to the community. These cards are distributed face up in the center of the poker table.

After the flop, an additional round of betting takes place and the turn card is then given out to the community (face up) followed by a further round of betting, raising, calling, checking and folding. The last card handed to the community is called the river card (dealt face up too) and a finishing round of betting follows with a showdown to figure out the winner(s) of the pot is/are.

Determining a winner in any hi low game is a bit different than in many poker matches. Every pot has two winners. half of the money will go to the individual with the best low hand and half of the money will be given to the gambler with the biggest high hand. If the pot doesn’t have a winning low hand due to qualification, then the high hand wins the whole pot.

In Omaha hi/low, the low hand has to qualify for a low hand with an eight or lower. If hands do not qualify, then the high hand takes the money and if there is a tie, the money is then split based on the winning high hand.

This game has many varieties just like pot limit and no limit varieties. In the fixed limit games of Omaha, the most noticeable policy is the limit on the amount of raises allowed in the hand spanning from three to five raises based on the number of players remaining in the game. One noticeable variance in the style is the reality there are regularly 2 successful players. Players accustomed to the hi-low games find Omaha hi/lo simple to take part in and gamblers understand the protocols right away once the initial round is played.

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